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What Do You Say to Your Adult Daughter Who Wants a Full Sleeve Tattoo?

Our daughter the liberal arts major always has something she comes up with that makes me a nervous dad. My wife tells me to stay calm and just wait to see what she actually does. She is an incredible artist and photographer. Her friend is a bit wild and got a big tattoo running up and down her arm and across her shoulder. Our daughter told us that she was thinking about getting a tattoo. Staying calm I asked what kind. She said she wanted a full sleeve tattoo. I did not wince or blink. I just cleared my throat, took a drink of my iced tea, and I asked what the subject or design would be. My wife knew that I was doing my best to not go into full dad mode. That would be where I asked her if she was out of her mind.

Where I work a great candidate for the job was passed over because of a big tattoo he has that covers both arms. It is just a policy of where I work about tattoos on the job. I know not all places require such adherence to rigid policies, but some places do. I have a big tattoo on my back that would cause me to lose my job if it was on my arm. It was a result of some mistakes I made as a youth, and I did not want our daughter to regret such a decision years from now. Continue reading